These things, always...

All our sites are built with the following features.

Responsive Design

Websites that work on all devices and any screen size.

Secure HTTPS

Secure servers so your visitors browse with confidence, and search engines look on your site favourably.

Social Integration

Everything in place so your site integrates with your social media strategy.

SEO Ready

Comprehensive optimisation so search engines know where to find your content.

Great Hosting

Very capable and full featured cloud hosting packages.

Data Security

Site and server based security software to ward off malicious attacks.

Auto Backups

Regular automated and manual backups for peace of mind.  Backup files are stored in an off-site location.

Web Analytics

All sites linked to Google Analytics so you can monitor the performance of your own site.

And more...

Other sophisticated features available as required.

What about domain names?

We recommend setting up your domain with Cloudflare, who make managing the domain and DNS settings simple. We'd be happy to assist in this process.

...and email addresses?

For a professional solution we recommend setting up a Google Workspace to use your domain with an email address.  A Google Workspace will also provide you with all the usual business apps like calendars, doc and worksheets, and adding your account to your devices is as easy as setting up a regular Gmail account.

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