Websites are a rather bespoke product, but at Tynedale Websites, it’s acknowledged that people like to see a price.

So let's say you're a tradesperson that wants a simple site to let potential customers know what it is you do, where you do it, and how they get in touch with you. In fact, something a bit like this very website.

For a first year price of £549, then a flat rate of £449 per year thereafter, you’ll get...

  • A simple but smart multi page website
  • All the text you need to get across what the site is about
    • Description of services
    • Where those services are available
    • When those services are available
    • Contact details
  • Your own images on the site, whether interspersed throughout, or in the form of a gallery
  • Contact page, giving visitors a method to contact you through the site
  • All the standard features on the Features page
  • Enough updates to be able to edit your content as and when it needs changing, such as an address or telephone number change, or adding details on a new service or product you offer.

This type of site would be invaluable to your business, and give you a significant advantage over competitors who have either a DIY website, or indeed, no website at all, and are just relying on online or in print business directories.

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