A question often asked when contemplating a new website is 'How long does it take to build?'. Obviously, there's a few variables that will affect how long it takes.

I managed to build Ted Liddle's website in record time of just a couple of weeks.  This was possible because, for starters, he needed it super quick so potential clients could see his upcoming projects.  There's nothing quite like a deadline to ensure a speedy workflow.  But jokes aside, we made it possible through team work.  The team being myself, and of course, Ted.

Together we kept the conversation flowing, and Ted was quick to respond to my queries, and in supplying me with all the required info.

Granted, it's a simple site, but if you take a moment to browse the site, you'll see there's actually a ton of information crammed in there, and in a variety of formats.  Each section required its own unique layout and style.

Personally, I love the site.  It's super quick to load, and its no fuss layout gets straight to the point.  And even better, Ted loves it, too!

So as you can see, websites can be built fairly quickly.  But as I mentioned, that was a quick turnaround.  Factors such as amount of content, the type of content and extra functions being added will of course take more time.

The most important thing when building any website, is communication, and as long as you have that, then things will move along at a good pace.

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