We can provide you with a beautifully presented website, complete with booking system, so your guests can plan their trip with ease.

For a first year price of £950, then a flat rate of £725 per year thereafter, you’ll get...

  • An attractive and smart website, with intuative layout
  • A booking system that can link across well known channels, such as booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago, TripAdvisor, Expedia, FlipKey, Agoda and more
  • As many pages as required, to get across all the information on what you offer, including details of all your rooms, with photographs and any additional services that you might provide.
  • A Contact page, giving visitors a method to contact you through the site
  • All the standard features on the Features page
  • As many updates as you like to update details and services that you offer

This type of site would be invaluable to your business, and give you a significant advantage over competitors who have either a DIY website, or indeed, no website at all, and are just relying on online or in print business directories.

What if you use your own third party booking system?

If you use a 3rd party booking system, like those mentioned above, we can reduce our website price to £700 for the first year, and £475 per year thereafter.  The website would simply link through to your preferred system.


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